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Attractions | Arenal Panama

Attractions Panama



The sea lashing the coast of Panama is the ideal place for surfers to ride on the crests of waves. On both side’s marine-Pacific and Caribbean coral reefs support an amazing biodiversity that will captivate lovers of diving. Sight the sanctuary of the whales and other species such as dolphins and porpoises frequent the waters around places like the big island of Coiba or Isla Taboga , the Pearl Islands and the Gulf of Chiriqui


“The fascinating beauty of Panama does not leave anyone indifferent”


Nightlife | Arenal Panama

Nightlife Panama

Nightlife in Panama

Panama is pure action and excitement. After your stay in Arenal what could be better than a hote and steamy night out on the town! The capital is full of hundreds of restaurants to enjoy the best international and Creole food, theaters, clubs, casinos, discos and night bars to live intensely. The Best Nightlife in Panama City Pubs, clubs, entertainment The nightlife has something for everyone from the lively Calle Uruguay, promising to places such as the Amador Causeway. The Radisson Decapolis Sushi Bar and Lounge, located in a hotel, is one of the coolest bars in town. Here come the wealthy classes to see and be seen. If you want a more ancient and sophisticated, go to the Casco Viejo. Most bars close around 01.00 and 24.00 or, while clubs stay open until 05.00 or until the last person leaves.


Things to do Arenal Panama

Things to do Panama

Things to do

Panama and Panamanians will give you the keys to living a fascinating experience in this great country of Panama. Panama is a lively and bustling capital of modern buildings and structures with large and modern shopping centers, easily accessible from Arenal, the capital is considered the Mecca of shopping in America and is aptly named Little Paris due to its assortments of amazing stores and shopping malls. The Old Town, the vaults, the Presidential Palace or the ruins of Old Panama, are beautiful places to visit and of course the symbol of the country the eighth wonder of the world, the Panama Canal is the most visited and, incredible engineering feat of all time has taken the name of Panama to the ends of the world. The equally attractive Arenal will provide an endearing homecoming after your visit to the “Big City”


About | Arenal Panama


About Panama

Panama a country which borders the jungle, Arenal is located between two seas. An explosive vibrant and dynamic metropolis. Where the nightlife helps live in the evening until the twilight.

Located around isolated indigenous communities, such as Bri-Bri or Bugle . People who inhabit the volcano with 365 extraordinarily beautiful paradise islands lapped by the crystalline Caribbean Sea. Panama is a destination for living Mother Earth in its vibrant intensity.


Real Estate in Panama | Arenal Beach

Real Estate in Panama

Real Estate in Panama


Real Estate in Panama and general Property prices are affordable and, specifically Arenal Beach on par with well-known locations 10 to 20 years ago, which is why, there are always excellent deals to be found on real estate in Arenal Beach.

Real estate in Panama offers Caribbean and Pacific oceanfront and beachfront, island, highland, mountain, rainforest and agricultural property selections.

Buying Real Estate in Panama as a country or Real Estate in Arenal Beach is very similar to the way real estate is handled in other countries. Nearly all properties have titles or can be registered, title insurance can also be acquired, conventional mortgages are available and Panama has foreign investor protection laws (also covered on this website) that ensure the customary rights of land ownership.

Panama is a popular vacation destination. More recently, Americans and Canadians have been making Panama their country of retirement, making Real Estate in Panama investments very attractive to retirees, international tourists and investors. One of the primary investment areas has to be Arenal Beach. Real Estate in Panama offers an excellent financial advantage program for retirees, amazing climate, reduced costs of living and lower crime rates. There are also significant tax advantages when acquiring real estate in Panama. Panama provides several important incentives for foreign investors, which include a US dollar backed economy, Free Trade Zone, and international banking along with numerous other attractive benefits.


“Amazing advantages, Real Estate in Panama”


Furthermore, Panama’s real estate segment has proven to be solid through the years, which is the reason why several international real estate firms such as REMAX and Century 21 have opened franchises in Panama City selling properties nationwide and also in Arenal Beach. Large banks such as, Lloyds, HSBC and Citibank have opened branches to provide total financial services.

Additionally, Panama has an enviable geographic location, direct flights to major cities and technological advantages such as fast internet and excellent telecommunications along with the caveat of a stable financial infrastructure, all being a great benefit for many investors. As an example, the fast internet connections in Arenal Beach reach up to 10 Mbps, quite unusual in South America.

Panama City has become a modern cosmopolitan metropolis – there are many rise buildings overlooking the ocean and the Bay of Panama and some smaller more coze residencies also in Arenal Beach. Exclusive residential areas like Punta Pacifica, San Francisco, Marbella, Paitilla and Coco del Mar, offer a great range of homes and condominiums. Suburban residential areas in the former Canal Zone like Albrook, Clayton, Amador Heights, Balboa, offer huge and gorgeous single-family homes and apartments.


Real Estate in Panama


The oldest city on the Pacific Coast of the Americas and located in Panama is called Casco Viejo has become a sought-after place for real estate investment, the Panamanian government having spearheaded development in the historic Casco Viejo by offering investment incentives when the buyer agrees to the restoration of the historic Casco Viejo district and properties.

Beyond Panama City, there are striking real estate properties found in popular destinations including, Colon , Chiriqui , El Valle , and Farallon . These areas offer a more agreeable climate due to the higher ground, unbelievable flora and peaceful environment, the highlands of Panama of some gems in the real estate market which can be perfect for those interested in retiring in Panama.

Another popular destination in Panama for real estate investment is Bocas del Toro . Amazing blue seas and transparent waters along with historic Antillean culture make this area very special. The properties on the waterfront show great architectural buildings. A quiet tropical atmosphere away from the major city is what can be found in this area of Panama. More recently, Bocas del Toro has become a flourishing haven for American, Canadian and European Expatriates, Panamas tourism ministry also considers Bocas del Toro as a major tourist hub for the country.

Panama Real Estate Values, in these Pacific Coast Beach areas, has been increasing very gradually. Of course, as interest and expansion increases so to do the real estate values for condos and properties in the Pacific coast area.


Real Estate in Panama 101